How it all started

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This starts a bit like one of those jokes your hear, a Portuguese, a South African and a Spaniard walk in to a bar…well in this case they decided to start a beer company with a difference, one that will use all the money it makes for ocean conservation.

We are three very different guys who share a passion for the ocean, Portugal and a good beer so we decided to combine this and launch Surfbrewing. Our aim is to make a difference but also to have fun whilst doing it.

For this to work we also need you to be involved. As we are just starting up we are looking for our first project to support and we are asking you to send us your ideas. The project needs to be local and focussed on making our oceans a better place. Other than that it is up to you, our customers and friends, to tell us what you want us to do. Please contact us through the contacts page and let us have your ideas. We will regularly update our stories page with the projects we become involved in and also post stories and links to projects we like and we think we should all support.

We are launching this summer with an Indian Pale Ale, a Lager and a non alcoholic Ginger Beer which will be available on our webshop as well as from our partners around Portugal.

Join us on this exciting journey and let’s see whether we can make a difference together.


Want to collaborate with us, have an idea for a project, sell our beer or just to say hello? Drop us a line below

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