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Taberna do Ganhão

Back in 1957 two brothers, Francisco and Marques Ganhão, thought it might be a good idea to start a tavern in their parents holiday home.


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Now we are not sure what their parents’ view on this was but suffice to say by 1962 they had a thriving (and fully licensed in case you were wondering!) business running on the Ilha do Baleal which just happens to be one of our favourite places on the Portuguese coast line. Taberna do Ganhao quickly became an institution on the island and thrived until 2001 when it sadly closed its doors with the passing of Francisco. 

Happily for us in 2015 Franciso’s grandchildren decided to resurrect the family business in it’s original location (fortunately for their parents this was no longer their holiday home!). With wonderful food, a carefully selected wine list and warm hospitality it is little surprise Samuel Ganhão, his sister Mônica and their team have since ensured that Taberna da Ganhão has once again become every bit the landmark it once was and a fixture on every visitor’s to do list. So next time you are in the area make sure you stop by to experience their warm welcome and a cold Surfbrew!

Taberna do Ganhão, Largo dos Amigos do Baleal nº1, 2520-001 Peniche, + 351 262 286 381 or check the directions to get there.

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