All the money we make from this beer will go directly to cleaning our oceans


How all started

This starts a bit like one of those jokes your hear, a Portuguese, a South African and a Spaniard walk in to a bar…well in this case they decided to start a beer company with a difference, one that will use all the money it makes for ocean conservation. (continue)

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Taberna do Ganhão

Back in 1957 two brothers, Francisco and Marques Ganhao, thought it might be a good idea to start a tavern in their parents holiday home. (continue)


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João de Macedo

Is a legend in the world of surfing being the first Portuguese and for that matter European member of the WSL Big Wave Tour. (continue)


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The Surf Castle

One of the coolest places on the Portuguese coast is a family house converted by two friends into a hotel and surf school (continue)


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Surf Brewing Lager

Our lager has a deep golden colour with a pleasant bitterness to start with and a refreshing finish. (continue)

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